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For more than 20 years I've enjoyed making pictures and have had the opportunity to do so in many places around the world. Just a couple years ago, I was challenged to pursue my dream of making photography more than just a hobby.

I must credit a couple people for inspiration. First, my "little" brother Devin, who understood depth-of-field and hyperfocal distance before I did. His knowledge and enthusiasm encouraged me and made me want to know as much about photography as he did. He’s taken many fabulous photos of southern Utah, and I knew that what I could learn from him would help take my photography to the next level. Second, Levi Sim whom I first met through Cache Valley Photographers. While Levi has now moved to pursue his dreams in Portland, Oregon, he is a friend and mentor who showed me what a real professional photographer looks like how to make beautiful photographs.

Now residing in beautiful Cache Valley, I've lived in Utah most of my life with brief stints in North Carolina, Texas, Switzerland, and Israel. Besides travel, my passions in life are photography and running. (Fortunately, travel has provided amazing opportunities for both.) I also like to camp and hike and bike and cook.

I am grateful to my wonderful wife, Lisa, and six children who support me in pursuing my passions.

Scot D. Weaver

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